Yakushima Cottage Mori-no Fairy


private balcony private balcony room exterior The sunrise in the sea (only in the winter season) The warehouse gallery lies down with futon Angel's stairway Bird-of-paradise of the garden exterior Welcome Tankan drink ( plan only ) Evening landscape of the Mt. Toimo in front of the cottage Hibiscus jelly(plan only) exterior

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New Open 2010/07/01.

Yakushima Cottage Morino Fairy offers all-wooden private cottages with a balcony and sea views.
It’s a 10-minute drive from Anbo Port.
A 10-minute drive from the property, the bus stop can be found for a shuttle to the World Heritage Site Jomon Sugi.
Morino Fairy is a 1-minute walk from Hoto River bus stop.

No. 1 deals.

Limited plan of the official site is the No. 1 deals.
It is up to 1000 JPY profitable per night than the reservation site.
And there is "breakfast include plan" on official site.
Please make your reservations on on official site.


Thank you for 1st of 18 accommodations in Yakushima

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The cottage was introduced by a magazine.

[ MAPPLE YAKUSHIMA 2013 ] introduced by page 51 of the magazine.

[ Yakuchima Book 2011 ]introduced by page 108 of the magazine.